UGA Amicus Briefs

August 1997

From the Director

by Professor Ann Puckett

The staff of the UGA Law Library welcomes all new and returning law students. We hope your use of the library is pleasant and successful. It will be if you memorize the one cardinal rule of library use: if you don't find what you want, ASK! To make asking convenient, we put the Reference Desk near the entrance to the library where you can't miss it (visual cue: foot-high all-caps sign reading REFERENCE). It is staffed most of the hours the library is open, and you can call the reference librarian on duty if you cannot come to the library in person (542-6591). All the professionals on the staff have advanced degrees in law, library science, or both. We all know secrets about this library and about legal research that took years to learn -- and we don't charge a penny extra for teaching you our secrets.

We ask that you observe a few standards of conduct that will make using the library more pleasant for you and your classmates:

GAVEL, the Law Library's on-line catalog, is now complete. Virtually all of the library's records are in GAVEL, so you don't usually need to check the card catalog any more. However, you should consult a reference librarian if you don't find what you want in GAVEL. The material may be available in some other format or via interlibrary loan. Never go away without getting what you came to the library for. I end this column as I began it: if you don't find what you're looking for, ask.

Best wishes for a wildly successful year!

Recent Faculty Publications

The following recent faculty publications have been reported to or discovered by the Law Library staff.
Please limit the length of calls on the public phones in the Law Library, especially if others are waiting to make a call.

New Library Staff

Several new faces joined the Law Library staff over the summer. They add diversity to our group, and welcome to each of them!

Maureen Cahill, originally from Marietta, is the new Cataloging Assistant. She has degrees from UNC Greensboro and the UGA School of Law, and she worked for the Prisoner Legal Counseling Project for many years. Just to show her versatility, Maureen is studying computer programming at Athens Tech. She has adopted one dog and four cats. In her spare time (does she really have any??), she rides bikes, reads books and walks in the woods.

Joyce Herrin Moss is the Law Library's new Administrative Secretary. She comes to UGA after fifteen years in the travel industry. Joyce loves the academic environment and has studied at various colleges and universities in Georgia. After taking many courses in sociology, Spanish, and home economics, Joyce found that she truly enjoyed business courses, which served her well as owner of her own travel agency for ten years. She and her husband Jim live on a farm near Ila, where they enjoy visits from her two daughters and seven grandchildren.

Katie Murphy accepted the position of Circulation Assistant in July 1997, after working for the Law Library as an undergraduate. Originally from Griffin, Georgia, she has one brother (Matt). Katie graduated from UGA in March 1997 with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Often perched behind the Circulation Counter, Katie is one of the first people you will meet in the Law Library, and she is always willing to help you find that "elusive" book.

Fran Norton is helping to update our filing. A graduate of both Notre Dame and the UGA School of Law, Fran worked for the Prisoner Legal Counseling Project for several years. Even after years of working with prisoners in the State Prison at Reidsville, he has maintained a great sense of humor and is writing a fictional comedy. His dog, Goldie, gives him encouragement and, possibly, materials for the book.

Worthy Web-sites

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 at

Maintained on the UGA School of Law server, this web-site covers the period in English history known as "The Glorious Revolution." The site provides a hyperlinked chronology of events, cross-referenced encyclopedia, quotations, bibliography and links to related web-sites. The site, which is based on materials from Professor Donald Eugene Wilkes, Jr.'s English Legal History course, was designed by law student Matthew C. Kramer.

Fedstats at

Fedstats provides links to key statistics available from more than seventy federal agencies. Researchers can search the site by subject, agency and keyword. The site also contains full text of the Statistical Abstract of the United States.

Legal Trivia

From Healey, "De Minimus Curat Lex: A Compendium of Legal Trivia." 89 Law Library Journal 55 (1997) copyright 1997 by the American Association of Law Libraries.

Get back into the legal swing of things and give the following a try:


Computer Lab Update

Carol Watson, Computer Services Librarian

This summer we've been busy improving the Law Library Annex Computer Lab. If you haven't stopped by to see the changes, I invite you to pay a visit. We've added fifteen new Dell 200 Mhz Pentiums with seventeen-inch monitors. The lab has been freshly painted, carpeted and rearranged. We also purchased new comfortable chairs. All of the desktops in both computer labs have been standardized for consistency and ease of use. We've also added a laser printer (with a venda-card system) to Computer Lab 274 on the Main Floor in the Law Library.

The Annex Computer Lab Helpdesk is staffed by Brent Dudley and Terrell Carlton. Their hours and e-mail addresses are posted on the lab door.

Law Library Hours

Regular hours

Hours may vary during examination periods, holiday and summer sessions. Schedules for these periods will be posted in the Law Library and noted in the newsletter.

Labor Day weekend hours

Regular hours apply except for:

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