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January 2010
In This Issue Dan Riggs  
  Our new Serials Associate, Dan Riggs
Why Is It So Cold in the Law Library?

[reprtinted from November 2007 Amicus Briefs]

Every one of us has uttered those words (although usually a modifier or two precedes "cold"). 

Our two buildings share a trait that makes temperature changes problematic--their otherwise wonderful, open design. It's simply hard for any heating or cooling system to have an immediate effect in those expansive spaces. So, a day or two after a significant change in the weather the temperature in the main reading room is usually fine . . . and the Annex is still cold.

The Annex has an innovative heating system that was developed in the wake of the energy crisis of the late 1970's. If you look at the ceilings in the Annex, you'll notice small vents around the perimeter of the building and larger vents scattered throughout the interior. Only the small vents blow heated air. The rest of the vents blow unconditioned air that is supposed to circulate the warm air. Since the warm air enters the building around the edges where cold outside air cools the building, it is supposed to counteract that cold outside air more efficiently. 

It's a great theory that was proven wrong from day one. The University has replaced the heating system in every other building on campus that had this original system. We are obviously next on the replacement schedule, but we don't know what that means. In the meantime, those of us  who work in the Library plead with Physical Plant to set the thermostat higher and pass along the many complaints from folks who are studying with their coats on.

Meet Dan Riggs

Dan Riggs joined the Law Library staff in December as the Serials Associate in the Acquisitions Department. Dan oversees all of the ordering, claiming, cancelling, and updating of library materials on standing order or subscription, such as law reviews and loose-leaf treatises.

Dan has a BA in English Literature from the University of Evansville. He later earned an Associate's degree in Health Science from St. Catherine College. Dan's work history includes many years at Davis Kidd Booksellers in Nashville, TN.

In his free time, Dan enjoys classical music, playing the piano, and cycling. Dan moved to Athens in the fall of 2008 with his wife Sandra Riggs, who is a librarian at the Miller Learning Center.

New Reference Desk Hours

We now offer reference services from 9am - 6pm Monday through Thursday! This change is in response to analysis of the times assistance is most often requested. Our Friday and Sunday hours remain the same.

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