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January 2011

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new Bookeye 4 green photocopier

Come on in and try out our new green copier!
Wishing Myrtle Miller a Happy Retirement
Maureen Cahill, Student Services Librarian

Please join everyone at the Law Library in wishing our Circulation Manager, Myrtle Miller , a happy, fun-filled retirement. Myrtle's last day at the library will be January 28th.

She joined the library staff in 1996, after working in the library at Middle Georgia College for several years. And, for the last 15 years, Myrtle has been the backbone of our fine circulation department. She arrives at 6-something am every day, to open the library. She hires and supervises our student workers. Most importantly she brings her nurturing, good humored personality to the department. Everyone who works in circulation or has any dealings at the desk has depended on that for many years. We will all miss Myrtle.

Going Green Is Easy
Carol Watson, Director of the Law Library
Go green and save money with the UGA Law Library's Knowledge Image Center (KIC) aka our new FREE "green" photocopier service.

The green photocopier, which is located in our library copy room,  enables you to scan library materials or your own documents at a high speed and save them to a USB drive or e-mail them to yourself. Documents can be saved in pdf, tiff, png, jpeg or text format.

No more pressing your books or notes against the glass plate of the photocopier!  No more Bulldawg Bucks!   Instead of carrying around stacks of paper, scan your materials and carry them on a USB drive in your pocket.   

The green photocopier is simple to use. No user training is needed. So the next time you need to copy something, save a tree and save your wallet. This simple free service revolutionizes photocopying. And did we mention it is free?

Celebrating Desegration at UGA
Sharon Bradley, Special Collections Librarian

As UGA kicks of its Celebrating Courage: 50th Anniversary of Desegregation activities, we note that the Law School admitted its first African-American student, Chester Davenport, in 1963, two years after Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes broke the color barrier at UGA. Davenport received his J.D. in 1966. He had also served as an editor of the Georgia Law Review. He went on to a successful career as an attorney and businessman. In 2004 Davenport delivered the 97th Sibley Lecture and spoke about his experiences as the first African-American student at UGA Law. Visit our Digital Commons to view the video.

Another significant event in 1961 was the May 6 visit to UGA by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. He delivered the Law Day speech and spoke about the recent events on campus. See our guide Law Day Address by Robert F. Kennedy for links to the various versions of the speech and an audio recording.

Law Dawgs of the Month

This month's Law Dawgs are Emma and Elise. Their person is Wendy Moore, Acquisitions Librarian at the Law Library. Emma and Elise are both alumni of Athens Canine Rescue.

Please keep on sending your Law Dawg submissions to and remember that your cats, birds, fish, horses, and more are all candidates for Law Dawg!

Law Dawgs Emma and Elise

Emma and Elise