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February 2010
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Lunch-n-Learn on Bluebooking: Friday, 2/12/10
CQ Online
Sharon Bradley, Special Collections Librarian

The Law Library subscribes to the Congressional Quarterly Electronic Library (CQEL) which is a collection of resources focusing on American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs. An important feature of the Congressional Quarterly materials is that all content is reviewed by scholars, experienced journalists, and CQ Press editors. The editorial approach is to present throughly researched, non-partisan information.

The centerpiece of the collection is CQ Researcher. CQ Researcher is particularly useful for term papers, including topic selection, and debate or speech preparation. Each report covers one topic in-depth with a lengthy, balanced discussion of the issues, background information, a chronology, future outlook, a bibliography, and relevant organization contacts. For instance, a recent issue focused on professional football and Congressional investigation into the issues of player health and safety.

Another particularly useful database within the CQEL is the Supreme Court Collection. In addition to discussion and analysis of Supreme Court opinions there are biographies of all the justices, analysis of voting blocks, court trends, and breakdowns of opinions by justice and topic. One of my favorite CQEL features is the interactive maps in the Voting and Elections Collection -- these are addictive but educational.

Save your searches or specific documents by establishing a profile and then follow a particular topic or issue by signing up for e-mail alerts and RSS feeds.

CQEL is linked from the Law Library's Research Resources page.

Lunch-n-Learn: "Legal Citation without Fear: Owning the Bluebook"

Join Student Services Librarian Maureen Cahill at a session geared primarily for the immediate needs of 1Ls as they work to perfect their briefs for Legal Research and Writing.

Friday, February 12, 2010
12:30 - 1:00 p.m.
Classroom B

We'll provide the pizza - you bring a beverage!

Law Dawg of the Month

This month's Law Dawg is Zoe, who shares her home with 1L Frank Wasser. Aside from her passion for squirrels, milk bones, and the neighborhood cats, Zoe is also a leading expert on tort reform.

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February's Interactive Puzzle
by James Donovan

Prominent African Americans in the Law

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