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January 2012

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HVAC project

The Annex has heat!
Annex HVAC Update

Those of you who study in the Annex will be pleased to know that the crews replacing our heating and cooling system worked hard over the break to switch out the air handlers in the mechanical room. They are currently finishing up their work wrapping the pipes and expect air flow and temperatures in the Annex to return to normal today. You may see crews with laptops and a strange tent-like contraption here next week complete their testing and balancing of the system.  A much-improved climate in the Annex is imminent!

MLK Holiday Hours

Friday, Jan 13
Saturday, Jan 14
Sunday, Jan 15
Monday, Jan 16 (MLK HOLIDAY)
Tuesday, Jan 17

Law Dawg of the Month: Gingko

This month's Law Dawg is Gingko, who shares a home with Circulation Assistant Jim StipeMaas. Gingko enjoys chewing on things she shouldn't, being cute, jumping as high as she possibly can, and running around like a maniac on her short little legs. Gingko is an expert at wagging her tail, her input on the matter is to, "Keep practicing." Or in dog, "Yarf yarf."

Law School Community: Please send your Law Dawg submissions to and remember that your cats, birds, fish, horses, and more are all Law Dawgs!
 Law Dawg Gingko Stipemaas
Gingko StipeMaas
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