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                King Law Library
February 2014
In This Issue UGA Sustainable Office 
New Resources in Lexis and Westlaw

Check out the first pages you see after logging in to LexisAdvance and WestLaw: there are new resources front and center. 

On Lexis, the news pane on the carousel is now labeled “Law 360.” Law 360 is a subscription news service that covers all aspects of legal practice, compiles reports on companies and industries, and offers analysis from high profile attorneys.

On WestLaw, the first link below the “Legal Research and Tools” bar now takes you to Practical Law Company (PLC). PLC does just what its name implies: it offers practical guidance, practice notes, and standard documents in over a dozen large practice areas—such as Bankruptcy, Finance, and Real Estate.

Law Library Certified as Sustainable Office

The Law Library is proud to be certified as a "UGA Sustainable Office." The Sustainable Office Program is designed to give departments the opportunity to help meet the strategic direction for improving stewardship of natural resources and advancing campus sustainability as outlined in the UGA 2020 Strategic Plan. 

To become a certified Sustainable UGA Office, a department must commit to satisfying several prerequisites and implementing a required number of items in the areas of Water, Energy, Waste, Purchasing and Transportation. In addition to recognition for its commitment to sustainable practices, the Law Library continues to receive technical support from the Office of Sustainability. Similarly, networking by our designated Green Office Champion, Administrative Associate Deborah Baker, with counterparts in Sustainable Offices campus-wide provides the Law Library with additional technical and creative support.

Hack Your Brief – A Little Less Pain in the 1L Experience

Lunch-n-Learn with the Law Library:

Join IT Librarian Jason Tubinis and Student Services Librarian Maureen Cahill for tips and tricks to make the final stages of your brief preparation painless. The presentation will highlight citation, typing shortcuts, and formatting.

Wednesday, February 19
12:30 - 1:00pm
Classroom A

We'll provide lunch - you bring a beverage!

Inclement Weather Policy

Whenever UGA closes for any emergency, such as inclement weather, the Law Library will close. On weekends, the official policy of UGA central administration is to permit individual units to decide whether to close for inclement weather or other emergency situations. The Director of the Law Library, in consultation with the Dean of the Law School, decides whether to close the Law Library in such circumstances.

Law Dawg of the Month: Armstrong
The February Law Dawg is Armstrong, new best friend to Circulation Assistant Emily Crews who found him through the Athens Area Humane Society. Armstrong is a dachshund mix who loves cats (dogs...not so much) and chases squirrels.

All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and staff) are invited to submit a photo for possible selection as the Law Dawg of the Month in upcoming issues of Amicus Briefs. The featured entry for each issue will be selected at random from all entries received by the issue's deadline. Please note that honorary Law Dawgs (i.e. those of the feline, equine, porcine, avian, etc. persuasion) are eligible as well. Please send your Law Dawg photo(s) to

Law Dawg Armstrong
Law Dawg Armstrong

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