Amicus Briefs - News from the Alexander Campbell King Law Library  
March 2005
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Countdown to Commencement


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Some of you have been asking about the changing attire on the statue on Annex One. For the past year, the Law Library staff has engaged in a competition to dress the statue. The entire staff recently voted for a winning costume...and the award goes to: Graduation Guy, dressed last May in honor of our graduating students.

Keep an eye out for future ensembles.


New and Improved Circulation Notices!

Those who regularly check out library materials will soon see changes to the look and type of notices that they receive. These changes will help users to more easily identify important messages from the library, and to avoid fines. They will also alert the patron that a long-awaited book on hold, or requested interlibrary loan, is now available and awaiting pickup at the Circulation Desk.

In the olden days of last week, all library notices delivered to email accounts sported a generic subject line. Due to upgrades to the circulation software, however, we are now able to alter the email subject line to reflect the content of each message. No more guessing about what you're going to find!

An altogether new type of notice has also rolled out: the "Courtesy Notice." These are notices generated three days before an item is due, reminding the user that the deadline is fast approaching. Anyone who wishes to avoid fines will now have plenty of time to return the material. The message also
includes the link to the library web page that allows patrons to renew any items they wish to keep (which must be done BEFORE the item becomes overdue). What could be easier?

As always, the Circulation Department strongly encourages patrons to read and respond to any email messages sent to them by the Law Library. Failure to resolve any outstanding problems can result in the flagging of records or the holding of transcripts, a situation we would all like to avoid!

Serials Solutions

Ever had trouble finding electronic journals or print journals in electronic form? -- I think it might be in HeinOnline, or maybe on Westlaw . . . Now you can search just one place - the Law Library's online catalog - GAVEL. We've added thousands of records for electronic full text journals which are available through various subscription and free databases including Lexis, Westlaw, HeinOnline and Academic Search Premier. In can be very hard to keep track of what is included in a database since this can and does changes frequently. We update our Serials Solutions records once a month so they will be as accurate and current as they can be.

To find a particular title just do a title search in GAVEL for the journal title you are interested in. If we have the title in both print and electronic form you will see two entries as you do below. The electronic version will appear with an different icon and the words "Electronic Resource" next to the title.


Click on the title link for the print version to see which years or volumes we have in the library's physical collection or click on the title link for the electronic version to go to the full record for the electronic version.


Then all you have to do is click on the link in the first box which takes you to the database locations and available holdings for this title. For example we have access to The Air Force law review for varying years through several different databases.


Next click on a link to one of the databases which has the year you are looking for and you are taken to the full text of the journal.


So, we hope you will give it a try. Remember we have access to journals in disciplines related to law such as business, health and psychology as well. These records also include subject headings so you will see them in subject and keyword searches.