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March 2014

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Professor Louis B. Sohn 

Professor Louis B. Sohn
Photo by Paige Otwell

Celebrate the Sohn Centennial

This month the Law Library celebrates the centennial of the birth of Professor Louis B. Sohn. Drop by the library entrance on Tuesday, March 18 between 10am and noon for a celebratory cupcake as we mark the work and influence of this long-time friend of the Law Library.

Louis B. Sohn was born March 1, 1914, in what was then part of Austro-Hungary, became Poland and is now a part of the Ukraine. As a young legal scholar, he left Poland two weeks before the invasion by Hitler's Germany. He stayed in his first position, as a Harvard law professor, until 1981 when he came to the University of Georgia School of Law at the invitation of former Secretary of State Dean Rusk.

Professor Sohn served as a member of the US delegation to the San Francisco Conference of 1945 where he helped draft the statute establishing the International Court of Justice. In 1958, Professor Sohn and Grenville Clark published World Peace Through World Law, which called for the establishment of a world government in the form of the United Nations. From 1974 to 1982 he was involved at the conference which drafted the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said of Professor Sohn "[t]hroughout his life he won wide respect as a voice of reason and source of wisdom, and was a firm believer in the importance of the United Nations and of the rule of law in settling international disputes."

In 1996, Professor Sohn donated his extensive personal library to the Law Library, with an additional gift in 2003. Professor Sohn built this collection through years of working with the UN and the US government as well as decades of teaching law. He focused on situations he perceived as impacting international relations, but the collection also includes books on history, philosophy, religion, demographics, customs, economics, geography, language and, of course, law. His gift of this collection is one that will reach into the future, encouraging his academic successors to take account of the complex tapestry of factors that influence international issues.

The Law Library has long been proud of our connection to Professor Sohn, who passed away on June 7, 2006 at the age of 92. We continue to add a broad spectrum of new monographic literature to the Louis B. Sohn Collection on International Relations, housed on the Law Library Balcony. Please ask at Circulation or Reference if you would like to see this special collection!

Your Opinion, Please

Law Students – let the library know how to help you.

Complete a short survey to give us your ideas and opinions. The link to the survey link is in an email you received from Student Services Librarian, Maureen Cahill, and on table tents scattered around the library.

The survey closes Friday, March 7, at the end of the day.

New Database of Historical Primary Law

The Law Library recently acquired a new database entitled The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources 1620-1970

This extensive database allows researchers to access a vast amount of historical documents including city charters, state codes, constitutional conventions, records from the colonies and much more.  This database is fully searchable and provides PDFs of the documents.

If you are doing historical research this is a great resource for you! 

Spring Break Hours

Have a fabulous Spring Break!

Friday, 3/7
Saturday, 3/8
Sunday, 3/9
Monday, 3/10
Tuesday, 3/11
Wednesday, 3/12
Thursday, 3/13
Friday, 3/14
Saturday, 3/15
Sunday, 3/16

Lunch-n-Learn: New Technologies and the Practice of Law

Join Student Services Librarian, Maureen Cahill, and IT Librarian, Jason Tubinis, for a whirlwind tour of electronic gadgets, apps, and utilities that are helping remake the practice of law.

Wednesday, March 26
Classroom B

We'll provide the pizza and salad - you bring a beverage!

Law Dawgs of the Month: Red & Black Hens

The Law Dawgs of the Month for March are the laying hens belonging to 3L Gray Reilly and his wife Molly Canfield (a grad student in Geography).

They have three Rhode Island Reds and one Black Australorp for maximum chicken/game-day synergy.

Law School Community
: Please send your Law Dawg submissions to and remember that your cats, birds, fish, horses, and more are all Law Dawgs!
 Law "Dawgs" of the Month
Rhode Island Red/Black Australorp
Go Dawgs!
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