Amicus Briefs - News from the Alexander Campbell King Law Library  
April 2006
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The Women of Olmstead
Please remember to return materials to the Law Library
before leaving for the summer
photo by Tracy Coffin
The Women of Olmstead
Artwork by Lois Curtis displayed in the Law Library during the Working in the Public Interest law conference April 7-8

Thank you to all of the participating artists
and to UGA Law student Kelly James
for organizing the display

Student Worker Appreciation Day

The Law Library showed its appreciation to our great student workers with a Pizza Party on April 18.  Both the pizza and Lauren Knowlton's strawberry cupcakes went like hotcakes. Many thanks to our student workers...we couldn't keep the library open without you.
student workers
LaShay Callaway, Satura McPherson, David Gussio, Desmond Dorsey, and Shani Franklin
student worker
Adam Keri

Take A Bite out of Finals: Candy Bar Social!

Take a quick break from studying to join the Law Library for a Candy Bar Social during Reading Days. We'll provide a variety of bite-size candy bars and beverages and hopefully some relief from the pressures of finals.
  • when: Tuesday, April 25, 3:30-5:00pm
  • where: Law School Student Lounge
Law Library Hours

Extended study hours in the Law Library during exams begin on Wednesday, April 19. The library will be open until 1:00 a.m. every day thereafter until May 17. For weekdays this represents an additional hour, but on weekends this means four extra study hours on Friday and Saturday!

The complete schedule can be found by following this link:

Good Luck!

Students looking for good places to study will be interested in the schedule of hours for the Student Learning Center.
The center will be open 24 hours a day through May 8, and it will be open until 2am through May 16 to accommodate the Law School exam schedule. Thereafter it will revert to the normal hours schedule posted at

Jigsaw Puzzles and Final Exams

If you're a 1L, you may have been surprised last semester at the end of classes when puzzles, games, and foam rubber frisbees began appearing in the Law Library.  What were those crazy librarians trying to do, distract you from studying for exams?

Well, yes, sorta.  We call those stress-busters, and we put them out to entice you into relaxing for short times.  We remember what final exams were like.  We know how your head gets muddled from too much reading too late into the night, your heart races from too much adrenaline and caffeine, and your palms sweat from anxiety about that class you did not really understand or that prof who really did not understand you.  That is stress.

There are destructive ways to deal with stress: fight with loved ones, drink alcohol, eat comfort foods (see piece above on our Candy Bar Social). Those things will get you divorced, drunk, and fat. There are also constructive ways to deal with stress: exercise, get pampered at a spa, give yourself a mini vacation by indulging a relaxing hobby.  We couldn't fit a gym or a spa into the library, so we settled for puzzles and games.  Enjoy them in moderation, please. And if you have ideas for other kinds of stress-busters, tell one of your friendly local law librarians. 

Good luck on exams!

Crossword Puzzle

Spring Puzzle

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