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April 2005

The Best of Luck to All Our Students!

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Countdown to Commencement

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Sleep Your Worries Away

Preparation is obviously important to performing well on your final exams but maybe a little magic wouldn't hurt. The library has laid in a stock of Guatemalan Worry Dolls. Legend has it that in the highland villages of traditional Guatemalan Indians, small dolls are used to carry a person's worries away while they sleep!

Share your problem with a Worry Doll. Before going to bed tell one worry to each doll, then place them beneath your pillow. While you sleep, the dolls take your worries away.

Come by the Reference Desk and pick-up a Worry Doll.


Fighting Stress


At any given point in time a law student is experiencing stress. You could be experiencing Acute, Episodic Acute, or Chronic

Acute stress has an immediate onset, instantly throwing the body into crisis-control mode. In an acutely stressful situation, such as a minor traffic accident, a looming deadline at work, or an argument with your spouse or loved one, you are assessing the stressor and developing the best strategy for solving the problem.

The second type of stress is episodic acute. An example of this form of stress includes ongoing worry about finances, work, etc. It also encompasses “Type A” behavior, which is characterized by competitive drive, anger or impatience with others, and the need to attain personal perfection in all tasks.

The third type of stress is chronic, which simply means it’s an ongoing, unrelenting form of stress. Examples of situations that contribute to chronic stress are job and family pressures, sleep deprivation, and strained roles at work or at home. Chronic stress, because it is an unrelenting form of stress, poses the most serious risk to your health and should be addressed immediately.

Dealing with stress usually means taking care of yourself. You know the drill: wash your hands often (to prevent illness), eat well (not fast food!,) get plenty of rest, and take your vitamins. Taking short mental breaks also helps. A little light reading, playing a game, or putting together a puzzle can help. During finals you'll find puzzles or other games on both the Circulation and Reference desks. Please feel free to add a piece or two.

ExpressO Service from Berkeley Electronic Press (BePress)


BePress' ExpressO service is now available for UGA law students who wish to electronically submit articles or notes to law reviews for possible publication. ExpressO makes law review submissions fast and easy. Have your manuscript delivered to more than 400 law school reviews for free, simply by uploading the electronic file to the ExpressO web site.

Approximately 40 law reviews still require hard copy submission of manuscripts. Our ExpressO services does not pay for hard copy submissions, but if you are interested in submitting a manuscript to one of the schools' requiring hard copy submission, you can include your credit card number and ExpressO will photocopy, assemble and mail your manuscript to the journals that you choose. The charge is $6.50 per hard copy submission.

If you'd like to take advantage of the ExpressO service, simply register as a new user using your ugamail account at the ExpressO web site: If you need additional information, feel free to stop by the Reference Desk and ask questions.