Amicus Briefs - News from the Alexander Campbell King Law Library  
August 2004
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  • Welcome Class of 2007

The staff of the Law Library welcomes the Class of 2007 and wish them the best of luck. We're also happy to see the returning students. Check our web site for information about our services.


Welcome Back from the Director of the Library

By Professor Ann Puckett

The staff of the Alexander Campbell King Law Library welcomes all new and returning law students. To make using the library pleasant and successful, memorize one cardinal rule: if you can't find what you want, JUST ASK! We made asking convenient; we built a beautiful Reference Desk near the entrance to the library where you can't miss it. It is staffed from 9-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday; from 9-7 Tuesday and Thursday; and from 2-6 Sunday. You can call the reference librarian on duty if you cannot come to the library in person (542-6591). All the professionals on the staff have degrees in law, library science, or both. We all know secrets about this library and about legal research that took years to learn -- and we don't charge a penny extra for teaching you our secrets.

Returning students will notice lots of positive changes, almost too much to remember and list! The Annex has new paint and carpet. The computer lab on the main floor near the reading room has been refurbished, as have the carrels on the Balcony. Even the Basement has been brightened with a new coat of paint and a ruthless attack on clutter. The wireless network system has been extended to Rusk Hall. The former faculty library on the Balcony has become an attractive home for the Sohn Library on International Relations. All of the microform cabinets have been moved from their scattered locations (mostly clustered around the Annex stairs) and placed in order along the back wall of the Annex first floor. Unfortunately, we had to do away with the built-in carrels to make room for the cabinets, but now the architectural beauty of the staircases has been revealed for the first time in many years. We are open to creative suggestions about how to further enhance those beautiful staircases.

You should also note the cleaner, more attractive entrance into the Annex. The worn and outdated furniture on the bridge has been removed; the heavy dark bookcases that blocked two of the windows at the Annex entrance have been replaced by a beautifully restored antique bookcase; the portrait of the Annex's namesake, J. Alton Hosch, has been moved to the lighted niche immediately across from the bridge doors; and a host of more minor changes contribute to a more spacious, clean impression. We've worked hard to improve the cleanliness and appearance of the law library. Please do your part to preserve it by using the new coasters we have provided and refraining from eating in the library.

It's a good idea to keep up with what's happening in the law library and the law school. We try to make that painless and maybe even pleasant for you. Most official communication will come to you via your UGAMail e-mail account, which is required for every law student. UGAMail is available on the World Wide Web at Computing Services personnel maintain listservs of the discrete groups within the law school to make communication easy and fast.
Be sure to check the Guide to Student Listservs in the UGA School of Law Mailroom.

In addition, the law library publishes Amicus Briefs, a newsletter available on the library's web page at The 1L admission packet also contains two special gifts for you: a full color bookmark with all kinds of handy information about the law library and a black and white bookmark with the text of the Bill of Rights, just to remind you one of a lawyer's most important roles is protecting those precious freedoms. If you need more bookmarks, just ask at the Circulation Desk. We can also supply the Bill of Rights in Spanish.

In sum, we wish you a happy and successful year. And remember the Law Library motto: JUST ASK!

Guide to Proper Library Behavior
What Not To Do To Avoid Annoying Your Classmates


By James Donovan, Public Services Librarian

The Library serves many functions for the Law School community. It is the heart of the scholarly research enterprise, the hub of the educational experience, and sometimes just a refuge from the pressures of student life.

For the Library to be all these things to so many people, it is essential that everyone do his or her part to make it a pleasant space. Following a few guidelines will help maintain the Library’s physical, intellectual, and social environment.

1) Please do not eat food in the Library. Not only is eating distracting for those around you, but crumbs attract insects that stay to eat the books.

2) Drinks are allowed in the Library, IF THEY ARE IN APPROPRIATE CONTAINERS. Cups must have secure, spill-proof lids; bottles must have their screw caps on. Fast food- and Starbucks-type paper or Styrofoam drink containers and aluminum cans are not permitted. The drink containers pictured are bad. bad cupsPatrons seen entering the Library with inappropriate drink containers will be asked to leave them outside. Please accept correction in a good spirit.

3) As if it needs to be said: Use of tobacco in no form is allowed in the Library. Smoking is prohibited in all UGA buildings. We prohibit "smokeless tobacco" because it's gross.

4) Although we hate to be stereotypical librarians shushing patrons, this is a Library, and noise should be kept to a minimum. Reasonable conversation is allowed in the main building. The first floor of the Annex, however, has been designated an ultra quiet study zone. No talking at all is acceptable here. Cell phones should be on silent or vibrate modes whenever you are in the Library. If you find it necessary to use your phone, please go to the bridge, where conversations can be conducted without disrupting others.

5) Re-shelve books if you are absolutely certain you know where they go. Hiding or hoarding library materials is unethical, and can be an honor code violation leading to disciplinary action.

6) Please be aware that this is a public law library, and therefore persons outside the Law School community will be welcome here.

7) If you believe anyone - student or otherwise - is behaving in a manner that demands attention, bring this to the notice of a staff member or a security guard.

The staff of the Law Library sincerely strives to make the Library a place where students enjoy spending their time. We encourage any suggestions you wish to offer to improve its ambiance.

Photocopier and Printer Card Readers Converted to Bulldog Bucks

The University is changing the way it charges for photocopies and other services. Card readers on photocopiers and printers are being upgraded to accommodate the new campus Bulldog Bucks system. UGACash previously stored on your UGACard will no longer work with the new card readers.

What is Bulldog Bucks?
Bulldog Bucks is an online account-based debit card program offered to the campus community. This means that instead of having a cash value recorded on the UGACard itself, all transactions, including deposits and expenditures, are tracked in a computer account, much like a bank debit card. Bulldog Bucks are accepted as payment at the Bookstore, Food Services and at several other on- and off-campus sites. Bulldog Bucks may be used for copying and printing at the Law Library, Main Library and campus computer labs.

How do you open a Bulldog Bucks account?
Bulldog Bucks accounts may be opened at the Bulldog Bucks office (M-F 8-5) located at the University Bookstore.

How do you add cash to Bulldog Bucks?
After you have established a Bulldog Bucks account, deposits can be made online at by using Discover, Visa, or MasterCard. Click on "My Account" to access your account. A minimum online deposit of $10 is required.

You can also add value to your Bulldog Bucks account at 9 value transfer stations at the following campus locations:

Main Library
Science Library
Law School Library
Student Learning Center
East Campus Village
Russell Hall
Myers Hall
Aderhold Hall
Tate Center Plaza

UGACash previously stored on your UGACard must be converted to the Bulldog Bucks system by February 1, 2005 or it will be forever lost! You can convert your UGACash at the Bulldog Bucks Office located in the UGA Bookstore (M-F 8-5) or the Main Library (July 19 - Aug 20, M-F 8-5).