Amicus Briefs - News from the Alexander Campbell King Law Library  
April 2003
In This Issue Photo of unacceptable beverage containers


Approved Beverage Containers

Many of you have expressed confusion about what types of beverage containers are allowed in the Law Library. The official written policy on beverage containers is straightforward: "[b]everages are permitted in the Law Library, but only if they are in containers with screw-on lids." 

Paper or styrofoam coffee cups with pop-on lids are not allowed. Neither are soda cans, open cups, milk cartons, or any other beverage container without a screw-on lid. Please do not ask Circulation and Reference to store your beverages for you, but do feel free to leave beverages in unapproved containers on the table provided for this purpose next to the Law Library entrance in the lobby.


Graduating Student Workers

Several of the law students who work at the Circulation Desk will be graduating next month, and the Law Library would like to congratulate them on completing their legal education. Shawanda Brown, Rasheda Cylar, Kimberly Ellison, Amy Goodwin, Broderick Grady, Nathan Horsley and Amber Vink will finish school in mid-May. We thank them for all their hard work in the Library and wish them the best as they head off to begin their legal careers. 


Spring  Library Hours

The Law Library's hours through the end of the semester are: 

      April 18 - May 13                                               Regular Opening Hours; closing 1:00 a.m. 

      Wednesday, May 14                                         7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

      Thursday - Friday, May 15 - 16                        8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

      Saturday, May 17 (Law School Graduation)   8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 


Enhanced Fines Effective April 18

Please note that during the time the Law Library is open for extended hours (April 18 through May 13), Reserve items are fined at the enhanced rate of $5.00 for up to the first hour and $10.00 per hour thereafter. For example, an item that is due at 4:35 pm but is turned in at 6:45pm will accrue a fine of $25.00. Copies of a detailed fine schedule are available at the circulation counter. 


UGA Email & Web Space
Available to Graduating Students

Continuing a longtime UGA practice, the e-mail and web space access offered to UGA students will continue to be available to graduating students for a period of one year after graduation. This year, that means the Arches accounts of all graduating law students will be migrated to our new email system starting May 19th (the Monday after graduation).   Users who connect via the web will notice no pre- or post-migration difference. 

For additional migration information:

  •     see new web interface at drop-in orientation at Tate Center, Wednesday, May 7
  •     check
  •     watch your email
Electronic resources are so good at bridging distances.  So, please do keep these bought-and-paid-for resources in mind and use them.  The Computing Services staff will be glad to communicate with you about resources, features and options.  The University help desk can also help. Help desk real people answer questions at 542-3106 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays; from 8 to 6 on Fridays; and from noon to 6 on weekends. Or e-mail the UGA help desk at <>.


Summer Westlaw/Lexis Passwords

As many of you know, the student Lexis IDs and Westlaw passwords go dormant over the summer while students are out of school. If you will be attending the Law School over the summer, however, you are eligible for active Lexis and Westlaw access.

Students who are attending summer school classes or working on projects for law professors are eligible, as are those who have law journal or moot court responsibilities over the summer. In addition, for Lexis only, a student working for "an unpaid, public interest externship not including federal, state or local government and courts" is eligible to use the Lexis ID.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify for summer access, please get in touch with Westlaw's Nan Harley at or Lexis's Kimberly Brennen at

To register for summer access with either company, just go to the homepage and look for the link to the summer registration form.



IndexMaster is a great way to find secondary legal titles. They compile thousands of titles from large and small legal publishers, put them into one searchable database and provide the actual index and tables of contents to assist researchers in locating on-point titles.  These tables of contents and indexes, in PDF form, are actual images from the book itself.  IndexMaster is searchable as a database from the library's web page.  Just click on Research Resources on the left hand column and scroll down to IndexMaster.   Clicking on this link takes you to the IndexMaster search page where you can search for secondary materials by title, author, keyword or publisher. 

IndexMaster is also available off-campus to Law School faculty, staff and students at the address:
If you access IndexMaster off campus, you will be prompted for your name and University ID number. 

We have also taken an extra step to make IndexMaster's tables of contents and indexes even more accessible to our law school community.  There are now links to IndexMaster from our online catalog, GAVEL.  Our links take you to the table of contents and index for many of our monographs.  For example, if you search for the title Information Law by Raymond T. Nimmer you will see a link near the top of the record which reads:  Click on the following to: Connect to the table of contents.  This link takes you to the IndexMaster database where you can view a PDF version of this book's table of contents and index.  To get back to GAVEL just scroll down in the top frame and click on the button which says Return to Catalog.

Right now we have links for over 750 of our books, but we will be adding more on a regular basis.  So, go ahead and search GAVEL for your research needs and when you see these links go ahead and click!