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August 2010
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Carol Watson, Director of the Law Library

Carol Watson is the new  Director of the Alexander Campbell King Law Library
Carol Watson, Director

I’d like to personally welcome the new 1L and LL.M. students to the Alexander Campbell King Law Library. And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say WELCOME BACK to the returning 2Ls and 3Ls. I hope everyone had a good summer break and that you weren’t subjected to too much intense summer heat. Rest assured, before you know it, there will be a nip in the
air and football season will be underway.

Although I am newly appointed as the Law Library Director, I am not new to the University of Georgia School of  Law. In fact, in 1984 (was it really that long ago?) I was a new 1L myself. While the music and fashions have changed, I still remember the overwhelming amount of new information that you have to absorb and that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. You might find it hard to believe right now, but in a few weeks, you’ll be  well-settled and will feel like an old pro at the law school. I’m sure the 2Ls and 3Ls will agree with me.

Whether you are a new 1L/LL.M. or a returning 2L/3L, I hope you will make the law library the heart of your intellectual life during the upcoming academic year. All of us here in the library look forward to seeing familiar faces and making new friends. Whether you’re visiting us digitally or in person, you know you are  always welcome here.

The Torch Passes
Ann Puckett, Professor Emeritus

After 16 rewarding and eventful years as director of the University of Georgia Alexander Campbell King Law Library, I retired July 1, 2010. Though I looked forward eagerly to retirement, I confess I had some fears that my unknown successor might want to reverse some of the progressive policies that were implemented during my tenure. Happily, my fears were unfounded.
Carol Watson, formerly Associate Director for Information Technology, was selected to be the new Director of the Law Library after an exhaustive national search. She is perfectly suited to the task. Carol earned her JD from UGA in 1987 and her MLS from Clark-Atlanta University in 1990. She practiced law as a defense attorney for Legal Aid for a short time before deciding to come to work at the Alexander Campbell King Law Library.
From early on, Carol was a leader in developing technology in both the law library and the law school. When David Shipley was hired as dean, he put Information Technology (IT) under the law library’s administration. Carol was the obvious choice to head that effort. She faced quite a challenge, because the law school, while it was outstanding in many ways, was behind the curve technologically. Up to that point, there was only one law school employee devoted to technology, there was no budget for computer equipment, some faculty members did not even have a computer, nearly all faculty members were still using a DOS operating system, and the various administrative offices used antiquated and incompatible business enterprise systems.

Today, Computing Services (CS) has five full time employees, not counting Carol, a host of part time student assistants, and a budget all its own. Equipment is replaced on a regular schedule, administrative offices use a sophisticated relational database for their enterprise system, and CS staff are readily available for training and trouble shooting.  Thanks in major part to Carol Watson, with a big nod to James Donovan as well, the UGA law school has implemented UGA Law's Digital Commons one of the first and most comprehensive institutional repositories in the country. Law schools like Yale and Duke contact UGA for advice in setting up their own repositories.  Carol and James authored the White Paper that has become the standard go-to source for other law schools preparing to implement institutional repositories.
On the personal side, Carol is married to college sweetheart Mike Blake. She has one daughter, Mica, who is entering the Parsons School of Design in the fall of 2010. Carol is also, belatedly, a dog lover, having added a small gray poodle named Louis to her family just a couple of years ago. 
Carol is respected and admired by her colleagues on the law library staff, the faculty, and the law school staff. Please make a point to welcome her in her new role as Director of this venerable law library. I couldn’t have left it in better hands.

Remembering  Gabriel Wilner
Anne Burnett, Foreign and International Law Librarian

While others have already memorialized Associate Dean and Professor Gabriel Wilner,  who passed away in May, we express gratitude specifically for the impact that Dean Wilner had in the Law Library.

Dean Wilner worked with us every year to ensure that the LL.M. students in the Graduate Legal Studies program  became familiar and comfortable with the Law Library and its resources. His dedication to improving both J.D.  and LL.M. student research skills is evidenced by the course he established in International Legal Research and which I have co-taught with him since 1999. Our students and the library have both benefited from his  
recognition of the importance of developing efficient legal research skills.

In the mid 1980s, Dean Wilner initiated the process to designate the UGA Law Library as a depository for  European Union documents. We are one of only 11 U.S. law libraries with EU depository status, and this  distinction has supported the research of our patrons and influenced the development of our collection over the past two decades.

He will be greatly missed by the Law Library, but his influence continues to be felt here.

For more about Dean Wilner, see his obituary in the university's Columns newsletter.

A Library with a View Blog

The Law Library launched its new blog this summer. It's called A Library With a View, which is a word play on the great view from our reading room and the blog's use by the librarians to present views and information on many different topics. The blog features prominently the iconic award winning photograph taken by retired Professor Robert Brussack in the Reading Room.

The blog, in addition to this newsletter, is another way for us to convey information about our services, databases, and important legal topics. Please add it to your RSS feed (if you don't know what an RSS feed is, just ask a librarian)!

Meet Our Research Fellows and Research Associates

The Law Library is pleased to welcome the following recent UGA Law graduates as our 2010 Research Fellows. We are fortunate to have this able crew assisting us and the Law Faculty with numerous projects:

Chase-Julian Cheatham
Daniela Costan
Arkesia Jenkins
Chase-Julian Cheatham
Daniela Costan Arkesia Jenkins
Lauren Peel
Stanton Porter
Drew Register
Lauren Peel Stanton Porter Drew Register

We are also fortunate to have on board a great group Research Assistants:

Micah Engler
Rachel Hudgins
Micah Engler, 2L
Rachel Hudgins, 2L
Ashland Johnson
Nate Viebrock
Ashland Johnson, 3L
Nate Viebrock, 3L

Law Dawg of the Month

Back by popular demand! The Law Library continues to seek your submissions for Law Dawg of the Month (and remember, we define "dawg" loosely - photos of cats, birds, horses, rabbits, and more are welcome).

If you would like for your furry (or feathered or scaled) companion to be entered in our random drawing each month, send a digital photo to
Law Dawg Duke Porter
Duke is our Law Dawg  for August.
He claims Research Fellow and 2010 graduate Stanton Porter as his person.

Crossword Puzzle
created by Stanton Porter, Research Fellow

Greatest Fictional Lawyers (excluding Atticus Finch)

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