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April 2012

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Exam Anxiety? CALI Can Help!
Study Guides on Reserve

To ensure that all students have equal access to the items such as Examples and Explanations and Nutshells, the Law Library has put these items on reserve. You can search the GAVEL Course Reserve using "study guides" as your search term in either the Course Name or Instructor Name box, and find all of the available study guides.

Law Library Exam Period Policies

Beginning Wednesday, April 18, the Law Library will shift to exam period policies:
•    Signs will go on the doors restricting access to the library*
•    Weekend hours will be extended, with closing at 2am on both Friday and Saturday
•    Fines for overdue reserve items will increase to $5.00 for the first hour and $10.00 for every additional late hour

*This means that only law students and legal researchers will be allowed in the library. Circulation staff will patrol the reading rooms and ask non-law student studiers to leave. When the exterior doors of the law school are locked (after 6pm M-F, and all day Saturday and Sunday), only individuals with law school affiliation will be allowed into the building. The security guards will not open the doors for anyone. You must use your UGA Card to open the front door.

Exam Anxiety? CALI Can Help!

As exam anxiety begins permeating the atmosphere in the Law Library, we’d like to suggest a resource that might alleviate some of your fears: CALI lessons.

What are CALI Lessons?
CALI lessons are a group of nearly 1,000 computer-based, interactive tutorials written by law faculty and librarians.

What is the format of the CALI tutorials?
The format of the individual lessons varies according to the educational objectives of the author. Some authors use the setting of a simulated trial to provide students with an opportunity to test their understanding of an area of law. Other lessons drill students through a series of questions requiring them to identify relevant issues and apply recently learned concepts.

How to Access CALI Lessons:
CALI lessons are available on CD-Rom, but we recommend using the up-to-date online versions found at In addition to working on your computer, CALI lessons will also work on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices. Register at using our school’s authorization code which you can obtain at the Law Library Reference Desk,

Good luck on exams!

Book Repair Clinic

It’s almost over. While you may be worn out, your textbooks are probably even more worn out. The Law Library can help. During our Book Repair Clinic skilled members of the library staff will use appropriate materials to give your books a little more life.

We’ll be in the First Floor Student Lounge (that’s the space across the courtyard from the coffee shop) on Thursday, April 19, 9:15am - 12:00noon.

Law Dawgs of the Month

This month's Law Dawgs are Blossom and Rosie, who share a home with Administrative Associate Nancy Watkins.

These Law Dawgs like to chase critters, eat, sleep and chat on their Twitter account.

Law School Community: Please send your Law Dawg submissions to and remember that your cats, birds, fish, horses, and more are all Law Dawgs!
 Law Dawgs Blossom & Rosie
Blossom and Rosie
See the Law Dawgs on our Library with a View blog, where you'll
also find legal research tips, links to breaking legal news stories,
and fun tidbits on a variety of topics.

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