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August 2012

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Rachel Evans, Web Coordinator  

Rachel Evans, Web Coordinator
Carol Watson, Director of the Law Library

Welcome to the Alexander Campbell King Law Library if you are new to the Law School community. And, welcome back to the returning 2Ls and 3Ls. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer break. This is the time of year the Law Library staff looks forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new students.

Although this year I will be celebrating my 25th reunion with my fellow graduates from the UGA School of Law, I still remember the overwhelming amount of new information that 1Ls have to absorb and that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. You might find it hard to believe right now, but in a few weeks, you'll be well-settled and will feel like an old pro at the Law School. 

I hope you will make the Law Library the heart of your intellectual life during the upcoming academic year. We offer legal research instruction, an experienced and helpful staff, and an extensive collection of legal resources. Whether you are visiting us digitally or in person, we are here to help you be successful.

Best wishes for a happy and productive academic year!

Meet Rachel Evans: Web Coordinator

This past summer the Law Library teamed up with the Law School to bring in Rachel Evans to serve as the first web coordinator for the school's web site, a part-time position. In addition to her editing skills, Rachel holds degrees in both art and music from LaGrange College. We are highly fortunate to bring to our site her experience with photography, video production and graphic design. Library offices provide her workspace, a good creative comfort zone since she also worked in the LaGrange Library. On some level it is just what she had envisioned for herself as a recently minted MLS (Master of Library Science, Florida State University).

Rachel is already blazing a path on Athens music scene. Her recent double LP, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, has been recognized as one of the ten best of 2012 by Flagpole Magazine.

Lunch-n-Learn: Law School Success

Student Services Librarian Maureen Cahill will provide quick tips on doing well in Law School without changing your personality.

Thursday, 8/23/2012
Classroom B

We'll provide the pizza - you bring a beverage!

Law Library Circulation: More Than Just Books!

Be sure to take advantage of the wide range of useful (and fun) items available at the circulation desk. 

Out on the front counter you’ll find most of the office supplies you might need: staplers, white out, paper clips, tape.  Often, we have pens and highlighters. This is also where to pick up earplugs.

Find a movie in our DVD collection, and want to watch it right away? You don’t need a ten pound lap top with a disc player. You can check out a portable DVD player right at the circ desk when you pick up your movie.

We also have bookstands, flashdrives, and often on a rainy day we can offer an umbrella.

Bookmarks! Git Yer Bookmarks Here!

The Law Library's new bookmarks are not just attractive place holders in your case books: they also provide the Law Library's contact information and hours. Use your smart phone's QR code scanner app to scan the code getting you immediate access to the Law Library's mobile-friendly site.

Grab a new bookmark when you stop by our Reference or Circulation Desks.

law library bookmarks
Labor Day Holiday Hours

The Law Library's regular hours are:

Mon-Thu  7am-2am
Friday      7am-9pm
Saturday  8am -9pm
Sunday    8am-2am

Hours vary during holidays, exams, home football games, and semester breaks. Find full hours for the Law Library at

For the upcoming Labor Day Holiday weekend, the Law Library hours are:

Sat 9/1   10am-5pm (UGA football Home Game)
Sun 9/2   8am-9pm
Mon 9/3 6pm-2am
Tue 9/4  regular hours resume

On UGA football Home Game days, the Law Library is open 10am - 5pm.

Law Dawg of the Month

This month's Law Dawg is Loki, who shares a home with Foreign & International Law Librarian Anne Burnett's family.

Loki is a Husky-Shepherd mix who was rescued by Law Library Director Carol Watson in Five Points during Law School Finals last semester. His new family enjoys his joyful and affectionate personality. He loves to run, chase critters, and sleep on top of his humans.

Law School Community: Please send your Law Dawg submissions to and remember that your cats, birds, fish, horses, and more are all Law Dawgs!
Law Dawg Loki
See the Law Dawgs on our Library with a View blog, where you'll
also find legal research tips, links to breaking legal news stories,
and fun tidbits on a variety of topics.

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