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August 2007
In This Issue Suzanne Graham   
                                                                                  Suzanne Graham, Catalog Librarian                        
Professor Ann Puckett
Director of the Law Library and Professor of Law

The staff of the Alexander Campbell King Law Library welcomes all new and returning law students. We hope you will find using the library pleasant and successful.  We ask you to memorize just one cardinal rule: if you can't find what you want, JUST ASK! We make asking convenient.There's a beautiful Reference Desk near the entrance to the library where you can't miss it. It is staffed from 9-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday; from 9-7 Tuesday and Thursday; and from 2-6 Sunday. For full info, see You can call the reference librarian on duty if you cannot come to the library in person: (706)542-6591. All the professionals on the staff have degrees in law, library science, or both. We all know secrets about this library and about legal research that took years to learn -- and we don't charge a penny extra for teaching you our secrets.
For the last several years, we have focused major efforts on upgrading our physical plant  by renovating much of the library to bring it more in line with the needs of 21st century law students.  Returning students will notice the reading room and balcony have a fresher appearance. We completed replacement of the wall covering that was original to the building when it was opened in 1967, and had all the walls painted that distinctive green we first used in our 2001 partial renovation. Shortly after the fall semester begins, the final piece of the reading room renovation will be completed when new end panels are installed on the stacks. They are being custom made to match the Moser* tables in the library. There will be two to three days of somewhat distracting noise and activity during that installation, for which we apologize in advance. We tried to get it all done in the summer, but the Moser company is in such demand it simply was not possible to get the end panels in the work queue any quicker.

The Annex has undergone an even greater transformation than the reading room. All the old furniture has been replaced by Moser tables, carrels, and chairs matching those in the reading room. Soon, all the study spaces in the Annex will have task lighting and electrical power. The carrels are already so equipped; the table task lighting will be installed sometime in September.

We are truly a library without walls. Students can access most of the library's accumulated knowledge without even coming to the library. We take great pride, however, in the fact that law students in large numbers choose to study and work in the library. Please let us know how we can continue to improve your library experiences.
In sum, we wish you a happy and successful year. And remember the Law Library motto: JUST ASK!

* Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers furniture is the most desirable library furniture in the world today.  Between the Student Learning Center and the Law Library, the University of Georgia has the largest installation of Moser library furniture anywhere.  Here is a note about Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers from the company web page:
This year marks our 35th anniversary as a builder of quality hand crafted furniture that celebrates the natural beauty of wood; is of simple, unadorned, graceful lines; and is crafted for a long, useful life. Our designs combine modern elegance and simplicity with a timeless quality that arises from our sense of tradition and a true love for the art of woodworking. I invite you to explore our furniture collection, and enjoy!
Thomas Moser, Cabinetmaker

Suzanne Graham Gets Legal

In July the Law Library welcomed Suzanne Graham as our new Cataloging Services Librarian.  Suzanne most recently was the Monographs Original Cataloger at UGA's Main Library - so, after conducting a national search to fill this position, we ended up finding the perfect candidate in our own backyard!  Prior to coming to UGA, Suzanne also held positions at the University of Southern Mississippi Library and the University of Alabama special collections library. In addition to her Masters in Library Science, Suzanne also has a M.A. in History and a B.A. in History and Russian Language & Literature from the University of Alabama.

Suzanne creates original cataloging records for the library's collections and supervises the projects of the cataloging department. She works with the Cataloging staff to maintain and improve the quality of GAVEL, the library's online catalog. She also serves as the leader of the Law Library's Acquisitions/Cataloging and Library Systems Teams.

Away from the library, Suzanne's family - her husband Toby (Director of the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG)), and children Chloe (3) and Patterson (15 mo.) - engages most of her time and energy. The family enjoys walking and exploring parks in Athens and beyond.

You can meet Suzanne on Friday mornings from 9-11 a.m. on the Reference Desk!

Law Library Expands Hours

The Law Library resumed its regular hours beginning August 13.  In order to afford thirsty, eager minds ample opportunity to better imbibe the wonders of legal scholarship, we have again expanded the times the library will be open to its students.  In addition to the Sunday-Thursday 2am closing introduced last semester, this fall we will open at 7am Monday through Friday. 

Our regular schedule therefore looks like this:

Monday-Thursday  7am-2am
Friday           7am-9pm
Saturday         8am-9pm
Sunday           8am-2am

Changes for special events (such as Saturdays when UGA plays a football game at home), and holidays are posted on the library's website at
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