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September 2012
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Listen to MP3s of Cases via the Courtroom View Network
Cases Available in Audio and Video

The Law Library recently subscribed to a new database called Courtroom View Network (CVN). This resource provides an audio case file library offering downloadable MP3 files of edited judicial opinions, along with full text of the edited opinion, a brief fact summary, and the rule of law. The case files are searchable by name, subject matter, course, and case book.  Additionally, this database includes video recordings of over 650 cases on a variety of subjects.
CVN also provides video training libraries that focus on trial advocacy, appellate advocacy and evidence. Each library contains short trial videos and commentary that will provide users with a unique insight into courtroom techniques and skills including, opening statements, use of themes, examination of witness, presenting your argument in an appellate court, and introducing evidence under various rules.

New users will need to create an account. Choose “premium” when creating the account, select “University of Georgia Law School” from the drop-down menu, and use your UGA email address.         

New in the Computer Lab: Visio 2010

Need to chart the flow of events in a case or series of cases? Or create a diagram to help work through a complex legal analysis? Maybe you just want to try a piece of software to help you outline more effectively? Good news! We’ve recently installed Visio 2010 onto the Windows computers in the Annex computer lab. Visio is software that can help design all sorts of charts, diagrams, flow charts, and other visual representations of information and data.

Pro tip: after you’ve finished whatever project you were working on, save the final products as a PDF. The Annex computer lab is the only place in the law library and law school with Visio 2010 installed, and of course, PDFs can be used on almost any computer.

Lunch-n-Learn: Be Healthy!
Learn about ill health among members of the legal profession. Then fortify yourself as Student Services Librarian Maureen Cahill shares tips and resources for establishing a pattern for staying healthy despite the demands and stresses of law school.

Thursday, September 20
Classroom B

We'll provide the pizza (and healthy snacks); you bring a beverage!

Law Dawg of the Month
The September Law Dawg is Ginger who shares a home with Professor Joe Miller. Ginger is sporting the sweater Professor Miller knitted for her last winter.

All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and staff) are invited to submit a photo for possible selection as the Law Dawg of the Month in upcoming issues of Amicus Briefs. The featured entry for each issue will be selected at random from all entries received by the issue's deadline. Please note that honorary Law Dawgs (i.e. those of the feline, equine, porcine, avian, etc. persuasion) are eligible as well. Please send your Law Dawg photo(s) to

Law Dawg Ginger


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