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November 2006
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Tony Addy

Anthony Addy, Law Librarian for Ghana's Supreme Court
Law Library Hosts Visitor from Ghana's Supreme Court
by Anne Burnett

The Law Library was pleased to host a training visit from Anthony Addy, Law Librarian for Ghana's Supreme Court, for two weeks this past October. Mr. Addy has been working towards automating many of the resources used by the court, and he sought to observe firsthand a number of electronic resources and applications used at UGA. In addition to availing himself of the resources accessible at UGA, Mr. Addy visited the United States District Court in Atlanta where he observed their online filing system and also met with law librarians at the district and appellate court libraries. Members of the law school community enjoyed a presentation of Mr. Addy's electronic database of Ghanaian statutes, jurisprudence, and scholarly articles, developed to assist his court's justices in their research. The Law Library thanks Maria Eugenia Gimenez of the Rusk Center for facilitating Mr. Addy’s visit.

Congratulations to Trey Stephens, UGA Homecoming King
The Law Library congratulates student worker Trey Stephens, UGA's 2006 Homecoming King! Trey can be found working the Circulation Desk many evenings: little did you know that you were hobnobbing with campus royalty.

Trey is a senior studying English and Economics, and he also serves as president of the Student Judiciary.

We're proud of you, Trey!
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens and Amanda Wartner
Prepare to Evacuate!
by Sharon Bradley

We are currently formulating an emergency plan should the library be hit by a disaster like fire, burst pipes, or a hurricane that blows out the windows in the main reading room. Our
initial response will be to evacuate the building or take shelter. We are developing an alert plan so that all employees will be notified to either evacuate or take shelter. Then the employees will notify you, our valuable patrons.

The alerts will be very noticeable. We will use bullhorns with short siren bursts and then verbal instructions to leave the building or move to a shelter location. We ask our patrons to do two things: 1) follow the employees' instructions without questioning whether the alert is "real" - just treat all alerts as genuine emergencies; and 2) be aware of emergency exits and shelters. Take a look at the library's maps and notice that:
  • in the main building there is an emergency exit on each floor in the South wall which opens into the corridor between the law school and the library
  • in the Annex there is an emergency exit in the Northwest corner on each floor
  • the emergency shelter in the main building is the Basement
  • the shelter for the Annex is the office area on the first floor.
The library is planning an evacuation drill in December (after final exams and when most patrons have gone home!). If you are still here at that time please follow the instructions to evacuate.

Exam Anxiety? Try CALI for Relief!
by Carol Watson

As exams approach, everyone’s anxiety seems to increase. If you’d like to test your knowledge and reassure yourself, try the CALI exercises. The CALI exercises are interactive computer exercises available via the web at:

To access CALI exercises, you’ll first need to register for My CALI by clicking on the link that says “Not a registered user yet? Click here!” You’ll need to provide our School Authorization Code which was provided in the body of the email message containing the link to this edition of Amicus Briefs. If you've already deleted the message stop by the Reference Desk to obtain the code.

CALI lessons are available in many subject areas. The following is a description of some of the exercises that might be relevant for courses offered this semester:

CIVIL PROCEDURE: Jurisdiction and Venue, Jurisdiction Over the Person, Analysis of a Diversity Case, Demurrers and Judgments, Joinder of Claims and Parties, Equitable Remedies, Summary Judgment.

COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS: CANINE: The Complete Article Nine, Documents of Title Under Article 7 of the UCC, The Law of Equipment Leasing: Article 2A of the UCC, Perfecting a Security Interest, UCC Remedies, Understanding Fixtures: Section 9-334 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

CONTRACTS: Acceptance, Consideration: The Basics of Consideration and the Bargain Theory, Contract Formation, Parol Evidence Rule, The Pre-Existing Duty Rule.

CORPORATIONS: Corporate Acquisitions, The Business Judgment Rule, Business Financing and the Federal Securities Laws, Agency, Issuance of Shares, Mechanics of Incorporation and Defective Incorporation, Piercing the Corporate Veil.

EVIDENCE: Best Evidence Rule, Character Evidence under Federal Evidence, Hearsay, Expert and Opinion Evidence, Impeachment and Rehabilitation of Witnesses.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: A Copyright Primer, Abandonment, The Adaptation Right, Collective Marks and Certification Marks, Fundamentals of Fair Use, Trademark Basics.

LEGAL PROFESSION: Code of Professional Responsibility and Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Bases for Attorney Discipline, Client or Not?

PROPERTY: Adverse Possession, Rule Against Perpetuities, Basic Future Interests, Distinction Between Real Property and Personal Property.

TORTS: Negligence, Assumption of Risk, Battery Basics, Causation in Fact, Contributory Negligence and Last Clear Chance, Strict Liability.

Law Library Extended Hours

Extended hours at the Law Library begin on Tuesday, Nov. 14.  Thereafter, and continuing throughout the exam period, the library will be open until 1:00 every evening.  Although the library will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, it reopens with full hours the next day. On December 13 the library reverts to its intersession schedule, closing at 5:00 pm.

For full hour details, see

For those studying diehards, UGA Libraries have instituted even later hours!  Sunday through Thursday the Main and Science librarieswill be open until 2:00 am.  On Fridays they close at 9:00 pm, and on Saturday at 7:00 pm.  The Student Learning Center is also open until 2:00 am Sunday through Thursday and closes at 7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Main and Science library hours are listed at
The Student Learning Center  hours are listed at

Crossword Puzzle
created by James Donovan

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This interactive crossword puzzle requires JavaScript and a reasonably recent web browser, such as Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari. If you have disabled web page scripting, please re-enable it and refresh the page.

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