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November 2010

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James Donovan

James Donovan
Good-Bye and Good Luck to James Donovan
Carol Watson, Director of the Law Library

You may be missing the familiar face of Faculty and Access Services Librarian James Donovan at the Reference and Circulation Desks. Unfortunately, James (a.k.a. Jim, Jimmy or Jimmy D) has left the UGA Law Library. However, the exciting news is that on December 1, he will become the Director of the Law Library and Associate Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky School of Law.  

James joined the UGA Law Library faculty in July 2003. During his time at the UGA Law Library, James has had a very active professional career. A few of his accomplishments include: he was instrumental in the implementation of  Digital Commons  (, the law school's institutional repository; he authored the textbook Legal Anthropology: An Introduction and was the chief editor of Sexual Orientation and the Law: A Research Bibliography; his work has appeared in numerous law reviews and peer-reviewed journals; and he recently won the Spectrum Article of the Year award from the American Association of Law Libraries.   

Throughout the years, we have relied upon James for Dr. Who updates, kitty care advice, and his vast knowledge of comic book culture as well as all things science fiction-related. He has been a major asset for our institution and we wish him the best in this next phase of his professional career.

Book Repair Clinic & Coffee Break
Are your books as worn out as you are? Then visit our:

Book Repair Clinic & Coffee Break
Tuesday, November 23
9:30 - 12:00
Law Library Lobby

Books with broken spines, torn pages, and loose hinges?
Hope to sell them back or just keep them as treasured mementos?

Come to the Book Repair Clinic!

Members of the Library staff will perform simple mending using appropriate materials (duct tape does not belong on books).*

Your books are hardly used? Stop by anyway -- we'll have coffee and treats.

*We cannot repair rare or valuable materials or leather bindings.

Daily Report

The Law Library has recently added a site license for the Improved Access to Daily Report.

From Law School computers, users may access the full version of the paper at  From your laptop, or off campus, go to the site through the link on our Research Resources page: and you will be prompted to authenticate before accessing the site.

Established in 1890, the Daily Report, often referred to as the Fulton County Daily Report, is Fulton County's official legal organ and Georgia's leading source for legal news and information.

It offers comprehensive coverage of Georgia legal affairs, daily coverage of business news, as well as several dozen special sections published throughout the year featuring topics such as young lawyers on the rise, revenue and profit roundups of local firms, recruitment, billing rate surveys and special focuses on practice areas.

The online version provides all the news from the print edition along with several online exclusives and a searchable archive reaching back to January 2002. Subscribers also may choose to receive free email alerts for the latest news, court calendars and court opinions.

Law Dawg of the Month

This month's Law Dawg is Margo. Her person, 3L Sherwin Figueroa, describes this sweet rescue puppy as "the most charming gal around." We're certain that Margo feels the same way about Sherwin.

Please keep on sending your Law Dawg submissions to and remember that your cats, birds, fish, horses, and more are all candidates for Law Dawg!

Law Dawg of the Month
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