Clinical and experiential learning faculty, directors and attorneys have diverse interests and unique scholarship. Publication and other achievements by the faculty or the programs they lead often appear as news or other popular media outlets. Collected here are the items which fall into these categories and extend outside the more traditional scholarly press.


Submissions from 2019


Mediation Talks Begin In Ohio State Abuse Lawsuits, Emma M. Heatherington

Submissions from 2018


Clinic provides legal help to veterans, Aaron Hale


Increasing Vaccination Rates Without Eliminating Nonmedical Exemptions, Hillel Y. Levin and Timothy D. Lytton

Submissions from 2015

On Categorical Nonenforcement Decisions in Immigration Law, Jason A. Cade

Submissions from 2006


Defending the Right to Self-Representation: An Empirical Look at the Pro Se Felony Defendant, Erica J. Hashimoto

Submissions from 2003


Daubert & Danger: The "Fit" of Expert Predictions in Civil Commitments, Alexander W. Scherr