Faculty Colloquia, Fall 2010 Series

September 27: John Mikhail
Unreasonable Risk: A Formal Analysis and Critical History of Common Law Negligence

October 11: Nelson Tebbe

October 18: Anita S. Krishnakumar
The Anti-Messiness Principle in Statutory Interpretation

October 27: Lawrence B. Solum
The Interpretation-Construction Distinction

November 1: Stephen I. Vladeck
The New Habeas Revisionism

January 24: Fred Smith Jr.
Awakening the People's "Giant": Sovereign Immunity and the Constitution's Republican Guarantee

February 14: Albert Yoon
The Market for Law Professors

February 21: Ted Blumoff
How (Some) Criminals Are Made

February 28: Charlene Luke
Managing the Deluge: Tax Approaches to Flood "Insurance"

March 7: Stephen B. Burbank
Private Enforcement of Statutory and Administrative Law

March 21: Jayne Barnard
The Years of Magical Thinking: Bernie Madoff's Victims and the Power of Bereavement

March 28: Chaim Saiman
Faith in Legal Doctrine: An Anglo-American Comparison

April 4 Amy Gajda
Privacy Before The Right to Privacy

April 11 Radhika Rao