Faculty Colloquia, Fall 2005 Series

September 23: Peter Schuck
Bad Draws, Bad Bets, Bad Apples, and Bad Policies

September 30: Sean J. Griffith
Unleashing a Gatekeeper

October 12: Lonnie T. Brown, Jr.
Reconsidering the Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege: A Response to the Compelled-Voluntary Waiver Paradox

October 20: Julian A. Cook III
Crumbs From the Master's Table: The Supreme Court, Pro Se Defendants and the Federal Guilty Plea Process

October 26: Akhil Amar
Comparative Constitutional Law: American Style

November 9: David A. Brennen

November 16: Olufunmilayo B. Arewa
"Piracy," Borrowing and Global Intellectual Property Frameworks: History, Hierarchies and Conceptions of Culture

November 18: Jedediah S. Purdy
The American Transformation of Waste Doctrine: A Pluralist Interpretation