Faculty Colloquia, Spring 2005 Series

January 21: Ryan Goodman
Humanitarian Intervention and Pretexts for War

February 10: Jim Brudney
Neutrality Agreements and Card Check Recognition: Prospects for Changing Paradigms

February 18: Tung Yin
Ending the War on Terrorism One Terrorist at a Time

February 25: Polly Price
State Court Judge and Property Rights: The Case for Conservatism in the Antebellum Era

March 4: John McGinnis
The Condorcet. Case for Super Majority Rules

March 11: Kent Greenfield
Five New Principles for Corporate Law

March 25: Orin Kerr
The Fourth Amendment and the Computer Forensics Process

March 29: Sanford Levinson
In Quest of a Common "Conscience": Reflections of the Current Debate about Torture

April 13 Allison Danner
The International Criminal Tribunals as International Courts

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Forum Created for Scholarly Exchange, The Advocate, Spring/Summer 2005, Vol. 39, No. 2