Gephi Output Files, Folder 3, Part 2: Co-Citation Network Data Files

The 4 items contained in this folder subset are Excel (XLSX) spreadsheet files including the original file name schema created by Joseph Miller. Items are titled with either "All Co Cite 2+" or "In 1 Out 1 Co Cite 2+" following the Justices last name, followed by "NodeData_Named" and the file extension. This is the raw data fed to Gephi in order to generate network and map visualizations in the form of image files.


This data subset created and collected by Joseph Miller and digitally preserved here is in support of his forthcoming article "A Judge Never Writes More Freely: A Separate-Opinions Citation-Network Approach to Assessing Judicial Ideology". From the article's abstract:

"This Article is the first to apply a novel empirical method—citation network analysis—to particular appellate jurists’ separate judicial opinions (e.g., concurrences, dissents) in an effort to provide a more detailed picture of a judge’s ideological preferences. It focuses on the separate opinions of Justices Scalia and Thomas through the end of October Term 2019: they served for a similar number of years, wrote separately at similarly high rates, and were one another’s closest ideological fellow-travelers, which somewhat controls for their Martin-Quinn scores."