2021 Human Rights Day Digital Exhibit


The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a milestone document in the history of human rights, on December 10, 1948. To help celebrate this, we invite you to peruse selected items both physically and digitally from the collection related to human rights and this declaration. This year's display is located above our DVDs shelf in the main reading room includes several titles with a home location in the Louis B. Sohn Library on International Relations. This digital exhibit serves as an extension of our annual physical display in the law library, gathering resources from our institutional repository representing faculty from UGA School of law who have expertise in and focus their scholarship on human rights as well as a small selection of curated resources from across the web.

The Status of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in National and International Law

Sources of International Law

Reflections on Regional Human Rights Law

The Growing Importance of Customary International Human Rights Law

Human Rights and State "Sovereignty"

Human Rights as Part of Customary International Law: A Plea for Change of Paradigms

The Effect of Treaties and Other Formal International Acts On the Customary Law of Human Rights

The Complex Nature, Sources and Evidences of Customary Human Rights

The Relevance of Customary International Norms to the Death Penalty in the United States

The "Blank Stare Phenomenon": Proving Customary International Law in U.S. Courts

Litigating Customary International Human Rights Norms