Arthur Goto was the law school's first Native Hawaiian and Japanese-American student. He graduated in 1972, the same year as Theodore C.H. Chao, the law school’s first Chinese-American graduate. Both student photographs can be found in our institutional repository digitized class directories collection (specifically the Phi Alpha Delta UGA School of Law Student Directory, third year class of 1971-72).

Arthur Goto student photo, 1972

Born in 1938 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Goto drafted the United Church of Christ’s Hawaii conference’s apology to native Hawaiians for overthrowing their culture. He went on to serve on the Hawaii Conference’s Task Force Reparations. [See: p. 62, fn 5, Eric K. Yamamoto, Interracial Justice: Conflict and Reconciliation in Post-Civil Rights America (NYU Press, 1999)].