A Brief History of UGA Law, 2018

102 x 77 cm, oil on canvas

As its title suggests, the signature piece of this collection attempts to provide a historical accounting of the University of Georgia School of Law. A complete accounting of this topic would require far more painting and time. May it please the Court, a Brief History of UGA Law:

  • Justitia – The law school moto stands firm as the center piece of this work. The statue of Justitia itself, stands on a Pilar which pays tribute to UGA School of Law cornerstones from the Leadership Circles to Professor Peter Appel and Professor Larry Blount.
  • Legal Mathematics – In the background of Justitia are a brief set of Greater Than/Less Than equations which speak to concepts both old and new:
    • being a Light is > Likes
    • the Pen is > the Sword
    • a Living < a Life
    • Truth > Lies
    • Life > $$$
    • Love > Hate

  • The Justice League – A brief accounting of UGA School of Law graduates who are now Judges from Justice Robert Benham and Justice Harold
    Melton, to Judge Richard Story and the most recent appointees of Sheridan, Carter, and Tamika Reeves.
  • The Law Oak – Which is examined and expressed in its own individual painting.
  • Section T – In honor of Professor Perry Sentell’s last year as the "Professor of Torts". This expression also captures a key element of Legal Research & Writing.
  • DGD – Or "Damn Good Dawg" to acknowledge our graduate and trial lawyer Sonny Seiler of Savannah, Georgia, who owns the line of “UGA” canines.
  • Love – Simply put, this is more than a love for UGA football. But for, meeting within the walls of Hirsch Hall, numerous friendships and relationships would not have been forged and countless new lives not created.
  • PROFs – This is yet another brief accounting of the remarkable minds whom provide the educational foundation at Georgia Law. The signature elements here are our very own Dean Bo Rutledge whose mind is “like a flower in bloom” and the notation of Kellie Casey’s Angels and a simple snapshot of the mounting Advocacy awards earned under her leadership.
  • The Arch and the pillars of Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.
  • Hills & Valleys – At the base of this painting is a simple line of varying highs and lows. This is a reflection of both law school and life itself. To be sure, the friendships and relationships you CAN develop at the UGA School of Law will be strong and essential in overcoming any challenge you face in life. It is my sincere hope that said opportunity is not missed.
A Brief History of UGA Law