University of Toledo Law Review, Vol. 31, No. 4 (Summer 2000), pp. 739-742


So why have I been deaning for over 10 years? I do, in fact, enjoy most aspects of the job including the many challenges, the fact that there is nothing routine about the work, and the many public aspects of the position such as receptions, bar meetings, tailgate parties, law review banquets, and bar luncheons. I enjoy students. We would not have these wonderful jobs in law teaching without them. I like faculty and still think of myself as a law professor first. It is fun to do alumni relations and developmental work, and I would love to have more time on the road for friend raising and fund raising. Many of us who go into deaning are gregarious and outgoing people. As an extrovert, I have had the pleasure during my three deanships of getting to know and working with many interesting people. It is quite entertaining to sit at an alumni luncheon with a couple of recent graduates, some from the early '70s, and senior attorney who finished law school in the late 1940s, and listen to them talk about the law school, the practice of law, and their many experiences.