Sustainable Commerce: Georgia's Next Economy

Professor Peter Appel and Dr. T. Rick Irvin, J.D., Managing Principal - Registry Consultants, LLC, presented the keynote address at the 21st annual Red Clay Conference. The conference theme was Does Going Green Equal Making Green? The video is located on UGA's iTunes U and lasts 74 minutes. Click on the "Link to Full Text" button to begin the video.


"Program Needed for Sustainable Commerce in State", Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 30, 2009, page A15 (with T.R. Irvin).

Cities and counties across Georgia are seeking new industries to bring new jobs into our state. Sustainable commerce -- from renewable energy to low-carbon transportation to recyclable consumer products -- is the fastest-growing sector of the global economy. Even in these difficult economic times, U.S. business and industry continue to invest billions of dollars each month to create new sustainable commerce products and services for the global marketplace.

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