Recent Faculty Scholarship & Activities March 2008



Erica J. Hashimoto was featured in the Fulton County Daily Report regarding her research on self-representation.

Erica J. Hashimoto was quoted in USA Today regarding defendants who choose to represent themselves.

Walter Hellerstein, Is "Internal Consistency" Dead?: Reflections on an Evolving Commerce Clause Restraint on State Taxation, 61 Tax Law Review 1 (2007)

Jason M. Solomon, Law and Governance in the 21st Century Regulatory State, 86 Texas Law Review 819 (2008)

Tara J. Melish (visiting professor), speaker, "Economic and Social Rights," Georgetown University, March, 2008

Alan Watson, "Law and Society" in Beyond Dogmatics: Law and Society in the Roman World (J. Cairns and P. du Plessis, eds.) (Edinburgh University Press, 2007)

Sonja R. West was recently named the recipient of the 2008 Distinguished Alumni Award for the Pleasant Valley Community School District and will be inducted into Pleasant Valley High School's "Wall of Honor," which recognizes current and past students for their academic achievements and contributions to society.

Usha Rodrigues, The Fetishization of Independence, 33 Journal of Corporation Law 447 (2008)

Ronald L. Carlson was quoted in the Athens Banner-Herald regarding the law of self-defense.

Robert P. Bartlett's article "Going Private But Staying Public: Reexamining the Effect of Sarbanes-Oxley on Firms' Going-Private Decisions" was discussed in The New York Times DealBook blog.

Robert P. Bartlett, speaker, "Going Private But Staying Public: Reexamining the Effect of Sarbanes-Oxley on Firms' Going-Private Decisions", Boston College Law School, March, 2008

Alan A. Cook was quoted in the Walker County Messenger regarding the prosecution of online predators as it relates to Georgia House Bill 1214.

Walter Hellerstein, speaker, "ECJ & Direct Taxation," Symposium on European Union Tax Policy at New York University, March, 2008 (with G. Kofler and R. Mason)

James M. Donovan, Legal Anthropology: An Introduction (AltaMira Press, 2008)

Erica J. Hashimoto will be guest blogging with Concurring Opinions during the month of March.

Peter A. Appel was quoted in the Chattanooga Times Free Press regarding the state of Georgia's efforts to move its border north in order to claim a part of the Tennessee River.