1868 Irwin's Code, Revised edition


1868 Irwin's Code, Revised edition


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The code of the state of Georgia; [Rev. ed.] / revised and corrected by David Irwin.


Franklin Steam Printing House




Part First. The Political and Public Organization of the State

  • Title I. Divisions and Jurisdictions
  • Title II. Citizenship
  • Title III. The Executive Department
  • Title IV. Legislative Department
  • Title V. Judidicial Department
  • Titel VI. County Organiztion
  • Title VII. Public Revenue
  • Title VIII. The Public Debt
  • Title IX. Public Property
  • Title X. Public Printing
  • Title XI. Public Defense
  • Title XII. Education
  • Title XIII. Elections by the People
  • Title XIV. Elections by the General Assembly
  • Title XV. Police and Sanitary Regulations
  • Title XVI. Regulations of Agriculture, Trace, and Commerce
  • Title XVII. Salaries and Fees of Officers

Part Second. The Civil Code

  • Title I. Of Persons
  • Title II. Of the Domestic Relations
  • Title III. Of Relations Arising from Other Contracts
  • Title IV. Of Property, and the Tenure by which it is Held
  • Title V. Of Estates, and the Rights attached thereto
  • Title VI. Of Title, and the Mode of Conveyance
  • Title VII. Of Contracts
  • Title VIII. Of Torts of Injries to Person or Property
  • Title IX. Of Equity

Part Third. The Code of Practice

  • Title I. Of the Judges, Sessions, and Adjournments of Courts
  • Title II. Of Actions
  • Title III. Of Defenses, and Proceedings Pending Action
  • Title IV. Of the Verdict and Judgment
  • Title V. Of Appeals
  • Titel VI. Of Executions
  • Title VII. Of Costs in Civil Cases
  • Title VIII. New Trials
  • Title IX. Of Claims
  • Title X. Of Evidence
  • Title XI. Of Juries
  • Title XII. Of Proceedings Against Officers of Court
  • Title XIII. Of Proceedings to Foreclose Mortgages
  • Title XIV. Of Proceedings fo Establish Lost Papers
  • Title XV. Of Proceedings to Obtain Partition
  • Title XVI. Of Proceedings on Application for Habeas Corpus
  • Title XVII. Of Possessory Warrants, and Proceedings Thereon
  • Title XVIII. Of Proceedings on Trial of Citizenship
  • Title XIX. Of Proceedings to Obtain Dower
  • Title XX. Of the Writ of Certiorari
  • Title XXI. Proceedings against Trespassers on Lands, and Tenants Holding Over
  • Title XXII. Proceedings for the Abatement of Nuisances
  • Title XXIII. Of inquests, and Proceedings thereon
  • Title XXIV. Of Proceedings in Courts of Ordinary
  • Title XXV. Of Proceedings of the Inferior Court, Sitting for County Purposes
  • Title XXVI. Of the Proceedings in Justices' Courts
  • Title XXVII. Equity Pleading and Practice\
  • Title XXVIII. Of Arbitration and Award
  • Title XXIX. Practice in Connection with the Supreme Court

Part Fourth. The Penal Laws

  • Title I. Penal Code
  • Title II. Penitentiary Law
  • Title III. Convicts

1868 Irwin's Code, Revised edition