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This black and white composite photograph measures 42 x 51 cm and presents the headshots of the students graduating and the law faculty from 1905. Text with individual names appears below each student and faculty portrait. Text at the center reads "Senior Law Class, 1905" and the large letters "UG" appear in between. Among the portraits are the following individuals: Chancellor W.B. Hills, Prof. S. Morris, Dr. S.C. Benedict, Judge Howell Cobb, Prof. McPherson, Prof. Jno. D. Mell; V.B. Moore, B.Ph., A.L. Hardy, F.L. Dancy, W.F. Weaver, W.A. Daniel, Waverley Fairman, L.A. Hargreaves, H.A. King, J.L. Hull, C.V. Youmans, R.S. Cohen, Geo. W. Harben, C.R. Pierce, G.A. Rubenstein, J.E.D. Yonge, M.S., J.V. Pool.


photograph, graduating class, law students


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