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From the front matter:

Testimonials From the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Georgia

Atlanta, May 22, 1902.

We have given the book prepared by Hon. John L. Hopkins, entitled "The Law of Personal Injuries," etc., a sufficient examination to enable us to say, without hesitation, that it is a work of great merit and utility. It will surely save the hard-worked judge and busy lawyer much time and labor by making the decisions of this court, bearing on the subjects treated, readily accessible in available form. The distinguished author's wel1 - executed plan of grouping together all kindred decisions shows the relative value and importance of each, and makes apparent the true state of the law. The code sections are given in their integrity, and in many instances, where confusion in their construction has arisen or may occur, their contents are accurately restated, so as to make plain their real intent and meaning. The index is exhaustive and admirably arranged, and the table of contents, which sets forth the general scope of the work, will facilitate finding the law relating to any special subject. The table of cases will enable one to follow any particular case through the book. It is manifest that a vast amount of patient, painstaking and conscientious labor has been bestowed upon this volume; and as a result, the judges of our trial courts and the profession have at hand a book the use of which will prevent errors in the hurry necessarily incident to nisi prius proceedings, and this court has been furnished a much-desired aid in the prosecution of its arduous labors. Judge Hopkins has made a timely and most valuable contribution to the law of personal injuries and tortious homicide, We most heartily commend it to our brethren of the bench and bar.

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This title was digitized in 2021 thanks to a project grant from the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA) along with 8 other historical treatises. Titles were made freely available and accessible in 2022.

The law of personal injuries and incidentally damage to property by railway-trains, based on the statutes and decisions of the Supreme Court of the state of Georgia