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Excerpt from the preface:

I decided that my labors would prove most useful if I attempted to write a practical, rather than a learned treatise on the subject. While the subject is one that might bear much fruit under learned treatment, still what the present moment most demands is a practical handbook which will inform the profession and the officers who are to administer the law what to do and how to do it, when a landowner comes seeking to register his land.

There has been no effort at style, except that I have striven to state matters in a plain understandable way and in language that a layman can understand. I have not hesitated to use repetition, either of words or of ideas, where I felt that the same would give either greater clearness or greater emphasis.

But few cases are cited. On the immediate subject, naturally there are no local cases to cite, since the Act has not yet gone into effect. A few cases have arisen in other states involving the constitutionality of similar statutes, and the leading of these cases have been cited. Most of the other cases which might be cited on the general subject relate to points of practice, dependent for the most part on the construction of the peculiar language of local statutes, and I have not thought it worth while to cite them. However, any one desiring to examine these cases will find them briefed in L. R. A., 1916D, pp. 14 et seq. Many of them are cited in the notes accompanying the American Uniform Land Registration Act which is reproduced in the Appendix.

I have not hesitated to express an opinion here and there as to the proper construction or as to the effect of the various sections of the Act. These opinions may be taken for what they are worth. I put them forth without recourse or warranty, except that they are genuine and delivered in good faith.

  • A.G.P., Atlanta, September 1917.

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A Manual on Land Registration