Presentation at the 18th Conference for Law School Computing (CALI), The University of Maryland School of Law, Baltimore, MD, June 19-21, 2008


Librarians from the University of Georgia Law Library and University of Maryland Law Library will discuss their experiences implementing Digital Commons' institutional repository product. Issues to be considered includes... - Creating a business plan to persuade law school administrators to establish an institutional repository -- how to justify the expenditure, distinguishing Digital Commons from SSRN, choosing Digital Commons rather than an open source solution - Obtaining content for the repository -- promoting the repository, building buy-in from contributors, establishing content policies, determining types of materials to be included in the repository, self-archiving versus mediated archiving - Copyright permissions -- appending supplemental language to publication agreements, SHERPA/roMEO, keeping track of copyright permissions, developing a decision flowchart for copyright permissions - Cooperative repository applications -- liasing with other law school departments, implementing a repository in a consortium environment

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