Land Use Clinic


The purpose of this guidebook is to provide a tool for local governments, community organizations and individuals that are considering launching or reinvigorating a greenway development project.

Section II of this guidebook explains the concept and use of greenways, as well as many of important steps and considerations for developing greenway projects from inception to completion.

Potential greenway corridors in Georgia are explored in Section III, such as riparian corridors, interstate and highway rights-of-way, railway corridors, fuel pipeline easements, and transmission line easements along high-tension power lines.

Part IV explores aspects of greenway project development, including the need to create a vision statement, identify sources of funding, and develop government partnerships.

Land acquisition is discussed at a general level in Part V. Working effectively with landowners and promoting tax incentives available for land donation are highly relevant to all greenway projects. There is also a discussion of Rails-to-Trails program utilization.



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