Amicus Briefs, 1993

newsjan93.pdf (77 kB)
January 1993: Westlaw Hotline; Georgia Law on Disc; Looking for a Paper Topic? Missing a Book? Try the Sorting Shelves; Legal Literature Section; Lighting in the Law Library Annex

newsmar93.pdf (146 kB)
March 1993: Innopac Installation; Danger! European Community Law Computer Tutorial; Legal Literature Section; Accessing Online Catalogs of Other Libraries in Georgia; Edith House Lecture; Locating U.S. Government Documents; Westlaw Natural Language Expanded; Foreign Law Collection; Sibley Lecture

newssep93.pdf (85 kB)
September 1993: Westlaw and Lexis Classes; From the Circulation Desk; Poet's Corner; Westlaw and Lexis Software; Westlaw and Lexis Student Representatives

newsoct93.pdf (95 kB)
October 1993: Georgia Shepard's on CD-ROM; Westlaw and Lexis Printing Restrictions; American Foreign Policy Index; Wordperfect 6.0 for DOS Upgrade; An Important Tip; Supreme Court Trivia Contest