A. The State of the Law School

This Strategic Plan is written in a different economic climate and is predicated on a different set of fiscal assumptions than the Strategic Plan submitted three years ago. The 1989 Strategic Plan formulated goals for improving the School of Law based on optimistic assumptions about five percent and ten percent increases in state funding levels. This Plan compels us to set priorities after a five percent budget reduction in FY92 that is expected to continue to be reflected in the budget base for future years.

The 1989 Strategic Plan, as this one must be, was premised on a recognition of the significant progress made by the School of Law over the past twenty-five years in attracting a first-rate faculty and talented students and in creating an academic program of real excellence. Progress toward goals set in the 1989 Strategic Plan has been made despite an essentially flat state funding level. In fact, after the five percent budget reduction, state funding for the School of Law today is one percent less in inflation-adjusted dollars than seven years ago.