Prospactive Student, I weIcome your interest in the University of Georgia School of Law, one of the finest state law schools in the country. We are building on a proud tradition of excellence and service at the University of Georgia, and are committed to preparing law-trained professionals for the global challenges of the 21st century.

Law school could best be described as a graduate program in liberal arts. In addition to· giving you an array of exposure to substantive legal areas, it also provides valuable skills training in analysis, communication and problem-solving - abilities which are critical in our increasingly complex society. You will find that a law degree from the University of Georgia is an extremely versatile tool which can open doors in highly sophisticated areas such as intellectual property, environmental and international law, as well as traditional litigation, commercial law, public interest law, business and entrepreneurial enterprises.

The University of Georgia School of Law is fortunate to possess an unusual combination of high-quality faculty, facilities and programs and an exceptionally low tuition. Our faculty members are committed teachers as well as internationally renowned scholars; construction is now underway on Law Center South, a multi-million dollar addition to house the Dean Rusk Center for International and Comparative Law, an electronic courtroom and other facilities; our diverse student body is among the most well-credentialed among all ABA-accredited law schools; and classroom study is enhanced by established clinical programs, as well as foreign exchange opportunities and internships.

I encourage you to examine the University of Georgia School of Law closely and carefully consider your choice to pursue a legal education. This decision shouldn't be taken lightly; now more than ever before, the legal profession needs young lawyers committed to the inherent duty of responsible public service.

Please take some time to study our admissions materials, and feel free to contact the Admissions Office should you need more information. I also invite you to visit the University of Georgia School of Law if possible, so that you can have first-hand knowledge of all our institution has to offer. We appreciate your interest.

Sincerely, Edward D. Spurgeon, Dean and Professor of Law