Members of the Georgia Law faculty are the recipients of numerous awards – recognitions offered by the legal and academic communities at large; honors presented by the University of Georgia, which is regarded as one of the top public research universities in our nation; and awards given by the law school’s student body. Of special note is the presentation of a University Professorship to constitutional law scholar Dan T. Coenen. This honor is bestowed each year on only one faculty member at the University of Georgia, and it recognizes one who has acted as a changeagent in improving the quality with which the university serves its missions. In recent years, Georgia Law’s faculty has enjoyed considerable success in publishing scholarly work. Books have been published by or are forthcoming from Oxford University Press, Harvard University Press, Random House, Aspen Publishers, LexisNexis, Routledge, Thomson/ West and Foundation Press, among others. Scores of scholarly articles have appeared in such leading law journals as the New York University, Michigan, Stanford, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Vanderbilt and Virginia law reviews as well as the Journal of Legal Studies, Journal of Legal Education, the American Journal of International Law, and Law and Contemporary Problems.