Prepare to be challenged.

As a prospective law student, you are on the verge of entering one of the most provocative, stimulating and rigorous courses of study in higher education.

Some call it a mental boot camp; others, a test of endurance. The demands are great bu the rewards are many.

The primary challenge facing you over the next three years will be learning to think like a lawyer - to spot legal issues, to analyze them systematically, to express ideas with clarity and to solve the sorts of problems your future clients are likely to face.

As your ability to analyze complex issues develops, you'll realize that facts aren't always what they seem. Cases that appear to be "slam dunks" aren't so clear cut. In many instances, the black letter of the law is actually quite gray.

Your three years of study at the University of Georgia School of Law will prepare you to meet the infinite array of problems that lawyers confront and the resulting uncertainties you will face as a practitioner.

The challenge awaits.