A Message From the Dean
For each of the past several years, the Student Bar Association of the University of Georgia School of Law has prepared and distributed to the members of the bar of Georgia a Placement Brochure, designed to introduce, by photographs and brief biographical statements, the members of that year's senior law class. The purpose has been and is to bring to the attention of the members of the bar seeking new associates those prospective graduates most likely to meet their particular needs. In a sense, the Placement Brochure for 1967 is like its predecessors in that it introduces Georgia's senior class to the practicing bench and bar; but behind the similarity there is a difference, and hopefully a great one. This class enrolled in September, 1964, as a select group. Since then it has been the first Georgia class to receive its entire legal education from the enlarged Faculty and under the revised curriculum. It should be the best trained group of men and women ever to graduate from the University of Georgia School of Law, and we firmly believe that it is.

To those of you seeking assistance, I recommend the members of Georgia's Law Class of 1967. I also suggest your prompt attention and inquiry, since past experience, coupled with today's military situation, clearly indicates that the demand for law graduates this year will be much greater than the supply immediately available. The members of the Law School community stand ready to render every possible assistance to prospective employers. Inquiries addressed to the Dean or to the students involved will receive prompt attention.

Very truly yours,