Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Speaker on careers and pro bono opportunities in animal law

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Tom Linney works with ALDF’s Animal Law Program. Among other duties, Tom is responsible for developing and marketing ALDF’s Animal Law Pro Bono Program to interested firms and attorneys and for helping students transition from law student to legal professional. He also provides support to professionals interested in teaching animal law and collaborates with ALDF’s Litigation and Criminal Justice Program to assign appropriate pro bono counsel to ALDF projects and cases.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law where he helped establish the school’s first Student Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter. He coordinated several projects as SALDF President and successfully petitioned the school to add an animal law class to its curriculum. While in law school, Tom worked for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, the Texas Legislative Council, and an animal law attorney. Tom also became the first student to receive a Baron & Budd Fellowship from UT Law to pursue animal protection work. He served as legislative intern for the Texas Humane Legislation Network researching and drafting legislation to promote the humane treatment of animals. Tom has also worked for a state senator, a county judge and an in-house counsel for a federal agency.