This collection of events includes colloquium, conferences and symposia that were only hosted at UGA School of Law two instances or less. Some events in this series may be annual, but are hosted by various institutions each year.

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The IP of IPAs: Journal of Intellectual Property Law Conference, February 2020
Interdisciplinary Opioid Epidemic Symposium Fall 2018
Women’s Leadership in Academia Conference, July 2018
National Business Law Scholars Conference, June 2018
Law Clinics@50 Celebration, March 2018
Externships 9: Coming of Age, March 2018
18th Annual Georgia Symposia on Legal Ethics and Professionalism, February 2018
Georgia Women in Law Lead, October 2017
Seventh Annual Junior Faculty Federal Courts Workshop, October 2014
14th Annual Georgia Symposia on Legal Ethics and Professionalism, February 2014
Honoring Gideon’s Promise, Rallying Gideon’s Army: Georgia’s Public Defender System on the 50th Anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, October 2013
SCOTUSblog: Supreme Court Coverage and Cases, September 2013
Southeastern Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting, April 2009
Patent Law Symposium, March 2008
National Student Education Law Conference, September 2006
Taking Your Case to the Court of Public Opinion – Strategic, Legal and Ethical Implications Conference, November 2005
National Student Education Law Conference, September 2005
Reflections on the Integration of Georgia Law and the Impact of Brown v. Board of Education Panel Discussion, April 2004
Conference on Problems in Discovery and Professionalism, November 2002
Literature and Legal Problem Solving, April 1995
Media and the Law Roundtable, March 1995
The Role of the United Nations in the Maintenance of Peace before and after the Year Two Thousand, March 1995