The colloquium honored Louis B. Sohn, one of the world's foremost international law scholars. It was part of a series of activities including dedication of an international law library, and a portrait presentation. "In recognition of Professor Sohn's abiding involvement with the United Nations over the course of his life and the contributions he made to the institution even at such an early stage in his long career of academic and public service, the Rusk Center is pleased to present younger international law scholars who already have well-established reputations and whose work will affect that institution far into the next century," said Rusk Center Research Director Dorinda Dallmeyer, colloquium organizer. The first session was moderated by Rusk Center Director Thomas J. Schoenbaum, Dean and Virginia Rusk Professor of Law. The speakers included: Professor Jose' E. Alvarez, University of Michigan, "International Organizations and Compliance with International Law" Professor Ruth E. Gordon, Villanova University, "Failed States and the Resurrection of Trusteeship" Professor S. James Anaya, University of Iowa, "Development of Customary International Human Rights Law: The Influence of the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies" The second session was moderated by Gabriel M. Wilner, Associate Dean for International and Graduate Legal Studies and Thomas M. Kirbo Professor of International Law. The speakers included: Professor Allyn Taylor, consultant to the World Health Organization, "World Health Law: Internationalizing Domestic Regimes" Professor Daniel M. Bodansky, University of Washington, "Searching for Customary International Environmental Law" Professor Jarat Chopra, Brown University, "Responses to Political Peace-Maintenance"

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International Law for a New Millennium: A Colloquium Honoring the Vision of Louis B. Sohn

University of Georgia School of Law
The Dean Rusk International Law Center
Jose E. Alvarez, University of Michigan Law School
Ruth E. Gordon, Villanova University School of Law
James Anaya, University of Iowa College of Law
Allyn L. Taylor, World Health Organization
Daniel M. Bodansky, University of Washington School of Law
Jarat Chopra, Brown University