Global Internship Report 2014


We are pleased to submit the results of another year in the life of Georgia Law’s Global Internship Program (GIP). It has been thirteen years of successfully sending law students to work around the world during the summer break. Since its foundation in 2001, the program has grown exponentially, not only in the number of countries opened to our students, but also in the diversity and quality of the venues offered for summer internships.

The Dean’s Office underwrote for the eight consecutive year the student participants’ travel for those who worked abroad on a pro-bono basis. Students received law school support of $2,000 on a cost-reimbursement basis.

Throughout the years, the Global Internship Program has grown in stature, becoming one of the top programs that Georgia Law offers to its student body. It can also boast being the largest international program in geographic terms offered by the University of Georgia.

The Global Internship Program relies on the work of an extremely small staff to support the delivery of an ever-growing demand from students and continual establishment of new international venues. I want to specially mention Ms. Kay Vaughn’s administrative support and Ms. Erin Smith, a UGA sophomore, who is serving as editor of this report for the second consecutive year.