Gabriel M. Wilner


The papers delivered by the four distinguished scholars form the content of this second Dean Rusk Center Occasional Paper. Issues of legitimacy-democracy in the activities of integrated international and supranational organizations are dealt with in the first paper by Professor Eric Stein. Professor Louis Henkin offers incisive comparisons and contrasts on the nature and sources of human rights in international law and rights under the Constitution of the United States. The central role of the United Nations in peace operations is explained in the paper by Mr. Abiodun Williams, the director of strategic planning for the office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Professor Manuel Medina Ortega, MEP, presents a broad historical and contemporary view of the situation of Europe in it relationship with the United States.

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Lectures Celebrate Ruck Center's 25th Anniversary, The Advocate, Fall 2002, Vol. 37, No. 1,

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Program for 25th Anniversary Dean Rusk Lectures

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