Presented as a part of the UGA Libraries Fourth Annual In-House Conference at the Special Collections Library on May 8, 2019 at 9:50 a.m.


From self-guided online embeds to immersive live displays, timelines can serve many purposes and tell powerful stories. In this panel three members of UGA's Law Library shared how they bring history to life, engage students, and preserve the scholarly and institutional milestones of the Law School with timelines by enhancing guide and repository collections, complimenting physical item displays and interacting with patrons at special events using multimedia. A variety of tools for creating digital timelines and gathering content were discussed including our four favorite applications: Prezi, TimeToast, Tiki-Toki, and Piktochart. Comparisons were given based on cost, technical limitations, collaborative potential, and general ease of use. Handouts were provided and the session was followed with an opportunity to ask questions of panelists.