Innovation Tournament

Moore moderated a tournament featuring four finalists who presented innovation plans to an audience. The event also included a special panel of judges and culminated in two winners. This event took place at the American Association of Law Libraries annual meeting and conference and was sponsored by LexisNexis.


Innovation tournaments are opportunities to leverage the expertise of a group to come up with solutions that can address a particular challenge. First implemented within corporations to generate creative input among employees, innovation tournaments have now crossed into other sectors, such as academia, the tech world, and the AALL Annual Meeting & Conference. Simply put, innovation is change that adds value, and AALL members are doing this every day—this is an opportunity to showcase their ideas.

For the culmination of the tournament, finalists will present their innovation plans to the audience, which will include a special panel of judges. At the conclusion of all presentations, two separate votes will take place: one conducted by the panel of judges, and another conducted by the audience. Two winners will be chosen; each will be awarded a $2,500 prize.