Delivered virtually as a live workshop on May 19, 2020, this event was organized and sponsored by the Technical Services Interest Group of the Georgia Library Association. The webinar was hosted and recorded by Georgia Public Libraries. Robin Fay presented, Linh Uong delivered the session welcome including speaker introduction, and Rachel Evans moderated the Q&A discussion.


Will the promise of linked data actually save us time? How will catalogers and machines work together to streamline recording of data and authority maintenance work, allowing catalogers and metadata practitioners to focus more on data stewardship and less on being data scribes? Will Real World Objects (RWOs) and linked data help bridge the gap between traditional cataloging and the larger semantic web communities of practice, ensuring that library metadata supports our users’ search behaviors, those FRBR User Tasks? Or will it just provide more maintenance work down the road? This session will explore the potential of linked data and RWOs through examples and case studies.

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